Amara - True Protein Bars

My name is Bahar, owner and founder of AMARA Bars. The name AMARA means gracious, bittersweet and eternally beautiful. Three individualities that I specifically hold close to my heart and that drive me to make the best out of every day, every day again. I believe that creativity is a journey. It is exploring, trying, discovering and allowing yourself to focus on what excites you. That is how, after I got my bachelor’s degree from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, I started a new adventure at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. An experience that gave me the chance to understand and learn from different kinds of pastries, cuisines, cooking and preparation methods, flavours and cultures.

My passion for pastry started to rise even more when I got the chance to work with one of the most renowned pastry chefs in the United States. I now understood that taste should not only satisfy the taste buds, I wanted to create desserts that wow all senses. And so I did. I mastered the ability to combine surprising ingredients and create recipes that bring the indulgences we all deserve.

As years passed by, I started to become more conscious about my health. In the end we are what we eat. Cliché but true. That is when I decided to adapt my knowledge and experiences about flavours, textures and techniques and create something that tastes as good as it is for you and your environment. It is the combination of gastronomy and health that led to the birth of AMARA Bars. Indulge! Because life really is sweet.

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